Meta Control 3000

meta control 3000 connects the CORTEX METALYZER® to the successful 12 channel ECG offered by custo med. This optimally adjusted and compatible system ensures convenient and easy-to-use car- diopulmonary diagnostics.
Aside from the measurement systems, the components deli- vered comprise a bicycle ergometer called ergo control 3000, a powerful computer with peripherals and the software MetaSoft® Studio as well as custo diagnostic. If desired, the devices are integrated into the portable system cart called CORTEX mobile PLUS.

Comprehensive analysis

  • 12 channel ECG and VO 2 testing fully integrated in one sophisticated software
  • One database offers quick and easy access to patient data
  • Assess cardiac and pulmonary function during exercise with one single test
  • Allows differential diagnosis between cardiac, respiratory, circulatory, and muscular disease
  • Superior ease of data collection and Dual-Monitoring-System for optimal viewing
  • Absolute synchronicity and resolution
  • Allows the ability to synchronize any breath within the test to the specific ECG of that point in time (breath-by-breath, and beat-by-beat)

Standard package

  • Triple® V Volume Transducer
  • Calibration Kit Professional
  • 1x Activation license for meta control 3000
  • 1x MetaSoft® Studio Network License
  • CORTEX mobile PLUS incl. dual monitor
  • 12-channel ECG custo cardio 200 USB
  • 1x custo diagnostics standard application software
  • 1x custo cardio standard
  • 1x ergometry standard
  • 1x spiro–ergometry CORTEX
  • User Manual
  • MetaSoft® Studio dongle