Microgate Optogait


Optogait is an innovative system for movement analysis and functional assessment of patients with normal or pathological conditions.
The system is equipped with optical sensors working at a frequency of 1000 Hz and having an accuracy of 1 cm, detecting the relevant space and time parameters for gait, running or other test types.

The objective measurement of such data, combined with an integrated video acquisition, allows monitoring of a patient’s condition on a constant basis, detecting problem areas, assessing mechanical inefficiencies and rapidly verifying the existence of asymmetries between the two legs.
The software platform allows easy storage of all tests carried out and the ability to recall them instantly if necessary. This allows  the development of a customized patient recovery plan. It is also possible to compare very quickly and easily data of tests carried out at different times, in order to assess the validity and the efficiency of the methodology applied.

How does it work

OptoGait works with 2 bars that emit/receive invisible LED light beams with a grid resolution of 1cm. Each foot step interrupts the light transmission and is detected at an accuracy of 1ms.

The OptoGait system works contact free, accurate (1000 Hz sampling rate), is immediately ready to go and will not wear out due to mechanical stress.

What is Optogait



System for

  • Gait and Run analysis
  • Dynamic proprioception
  • Dynamic control

Field of Applications


  • Orthopedics – lower limbs, ankle, knee, ligaments, hip
  • Physiotherapy – postural, muscular, tendon compensation etc.
  • Neurology – Parkinson, cerebral concussion, cerebral paralysis



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