Microgate Optojump Next


It is an innovative system of analysis and measurement that brings a new philosophy of assessment and optimization of performance to the world of competitive sport: it is designed for the development of a specific and customized training programs for the athlete, based exclusively on precise objective data.

By acquiring the fundamental parameters that characterise the level of an individual’s performance and physical condition, Optojump Next allows coaches, trainers and researchers to constantly test and monitor their athletes. This makes it possible to ascertain the abilities or physical fitness of an athlete in a simple and immediate way, creating over time a real database that makes it possible to compare values for that athlete or different athletes (even at a distance of months or years).

How does it work

OptoJump works with 2 bars that emit/receive invisible LED light beams with a grid resolution of 1cm. Each foot step interrupts the light transmission and is detected at an accuracy of 1ms.

The OptoJump system works contact free, accurate (1000 Hz sampling rate), is immediately ready to go and will not wear out due to mechanical stress.

What is Optojump


  • Vertical Jumps
  • Run Analysis (in field and treadmill)
  • Dynamic control (Drift Protocol)


  • Biofeedback
  • Real Time Feedback

System for

  • Dynamic proprioception
  • Coordination
  • Simple & Complex Reactions

Field of Applications

  • Sport Performance Analysis
  • Training Support
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • Return to play
  • Sport Orthotics