Zebris Mobil Stance, gait i roll-off analiza PDM

PDM and PDM mobile Pressure Distribution Measurement Platforms

Based on the tried and tested zebris pressure distribution measurement technology we supplemented the existing FDM platform line. The new generation of pressure distribution measurement – reduced construction height, high measurement frequency and mobile application opens up new possibilities in stance-, roll-off- and gait anyalysis.

Your benefits of the zebris FDM at a glance:

  • Different types: PDM-XS, PDM-S, PDM-L
  • Available as standard or mobile version, utmost flexibility with integrated battery and bluetooth,
  • High measurement frequency of up to 200 Hz as a standard with PDM-S and PDM-XS
  • Synchronization of two platforms from type PDM-L completely wireless through integrated IRsync
  • Synchronization with SyncCam und SyncLightCam