microgate witty wirelles timer

Microgate Witty


Bežični mjerači treninga

Practical and Precise

The new Witty has been designed to fully satisfy timing requirements connected to the new training methods.

What is Witty

  • It is a Professional Timing System dedicated to Training sessions in several sport disciplines
  • The base Kit is made up of one Timer, two gates (Start/Stop), tripods and backpack
  •  The system is largely expandable through additional devices (photocells single or double for lap times, LED Displayboards, RFID bracelets, starting pads, etc.)

Field of Applications

  • Witty has been developed to satisfy timing requirements for all forms of training and testing.
  •  The timer comes with a variety of preconfigured tests, usedin athletic preparation (including sprint, shuttle, endurance, running), it also allows the trainer to define and set sport specific customized tests.

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