Microgate Witty photocell


Bežični mjerači treninga

Practical and Precise

The new Witty has been designed to fully satisfy timing requirements connected to the new training methods.

What is Witty

  • It is a Professional Timing System dedicated to Training sessions in several sport disciplines
  • The base Kit is made up of one Timer, two gates (Start/Stop), tripods and backpack
  •  The system is largely expandable through additional devices (photocells single or double for lap times, LED Displayboards, RFID bracelets, starting pads, etc.)

Field of Applications

  • Witty has been developed to satisfy timing requirements for all forms of training and testing.
  •  The timer comes with a variety of preconfigured tests, usedin athletic preparation (including sprint, shuttle, endurance, running), it also allows the trainer to define and set sport specific customized tests.