nHance #214 / Knee Extension


Incredible in isolating and building quadriceps muscle size and strength, the nHANCE™ Knee Extension allows for either uni- or bilateral exercise. Leg pad on swinging arm is adjustable for leg length and range of motion is set by setting strap length. Ready for use upon delivery.


The Knee Extension is furnished complete with 2 pcs flywheel #2 (Inertia 0.05 and 0.025) and user’s manual.SPECS:
Weight: ~70 kg (incl. packaging for shipping)
H/W/L: ~1.05 m/ ~0.61 m/ ~1.21m
Frame construction: Powder coated steel; aluminum
Seat, back support and foot pad: Reflex blue high quality lace
Resistance mechanism: ø 0.37 m aluminum flywheel(s)
Resistance: Variable, unlimited
Transmission: Ball bearings, acetal hubs and pulley
Flywheel strap: Special fitting dense polymer
Power supply: None